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During the past year, the Petal School District has added more Chromebooks across all five campuses in attempt to reach its two-to-one goal, which means two teachers to a cart.

After months of renovations and working out of the visitors locker room, the Golden Eagles football team was able to move into their new locker room Wednesday evening. 

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GULFPORT – It was a huge win for the Panthers, and there isn’t any doubt about it, but very soon it’ll be a distance memory.

The five-hour standoff that occurred after an armed Hattiesburg woman barricaded herself in her home last week highlighted the amount of interagency cooperation that exists among the several law enforcement...

The monkeys at the Hattiesburg Zoo thought they were in for a real treat when construction began on a colorful ropes climbing apparatus. Much to their dismay, they soon discovered it wasn’t being built for them.


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