The Challenge

The track accompanying this week’s offering is “In the Meantime” from Spacehog’s 1995 LP, Resident

Alien. Hum along with Mr. Langdon if you like.


And in the end we shall

achieve in time

The thing they call divine

Do, or do not

The soundtrack for this month’s offering is “Livin’ the Dream” from Sturgill

            Simpson’s 2014 release,

            Metamodern Sounds in

            Country Music.

Admission: I’ve never really made a new year’s resolution.


The track I’m playing as I write this month’s column is “ELT” from Wilco’s 1999  release, Summerteeth.


Let’s jump right in.

Rock Me

Forgive me, I’m brand new at this. I don’t know if it’s gauche to begin with a disclaimer, but here’s one anyway: I play guitar and sing in a band.