Sumrall couple adopts first child

People come in contact with bumper stickers  — some funny, some political — just about every day, but most people probably do not look at these as a sign.

However, Josh and Kim Davis of Sumrall knew it was a sign when they read “Let your faith be bigger than your fears” on a sticker on the car in front of them in traffic while they were discussing adoption.

The couple met while attending Pearl River Community College, where Josh played football and Kim was on the dance team. They met through mutual friends and reconnected after graduating.

“After just that first date, we were inseparable ever since,” Kim said.

The two celebrated eight years together on their Valentine’s Day anniversary. They were engaged eight months before they married and knew they wanted to start on their family right away.

“We always talked about having a huge family,” Kim said.

When they realized they were having trouble getting pregnant, they began to see specialists in Jackson and underwent a few rounds of IVF, which Kim said was invasive and painful both emotionally and physically. After a few miscarriages, the couple began to discuss the option of adopting.

“But we kept focusing on what could go wrong,” Kim said.

That was until the day they saw the bumper sticker in February 2016.

“We said, ‘Okay, let’s try,’” Kim said.

They did not go through an agency to adopt. However, they created Facebook and Instagram pages seeking an independent adoption.

One day, Kim was contacted by a young girl asking if her friend could contact them in August 2016. They found out quickly that it was a match and Rhett Phillip Davis was born on Dec. 1, 2016. He was born just nine months after the couple decided to adopt, which means he was conceived the same month the couple decided to adopt.

“She wanted to find a nice family for him,” she said. “She wanted more for him.”

Adoption is expensive, so family and friends helped them raise money along the way. Kim said they held a large garage sale to raise money, but when they checked the weather they saw that a storm was headed their way.

“All of a sudden, the storm broke apart and just missed us,” Kim said. “The weather was just fine and we never got a drop of rain, and we raised all of the fees.”

“It had to have been God’s plan all along,” Kim said. “It all led to this for a reason. It’s amazing to see how it all came together. I can’t even remember the pain because I’m so happy now.”

The Davis’s found out in November 2016 that they would be having a baby boy.

The baby’s due date was set for mid-December, so Kim took her time off work beginning Nov. 31, 2016 so that she would have time to get everything together and be prepared for when the baby came.

“I’m always so organized, but it turned out that there wasn’t much time to plan,” she said.

The next morning she got the call that the baby was on his way. She and her husband flew into Seattle and drove six hours to make it to the hospital.

Kim said they have remained close to the family and talk on the phone and text often. The Davis’s have an open adoption, so the birth mother is able to see photos of him and hear how he is doing often.

“That way they can see him grow,” she said. “He will always know he is adopted.”

Kim said now she can’t remember life without him after a few short months with him. The couple plans to adopt again, as they want to have six children total.

“It’s pretty nice having a big family,” Kim said.

Her siblings both have one-year-old children, and she is excited for them to grow up together.

“All of this has brought Josh and I closer in our marriage,” Kim said. “Going through all of the hard parts of that together brought us together.”