City nears completion of street repaving

Many streets throughout the City of Petal have gotten a facelift over the past several months.

However, the street-paving project is soon to be complete following the paving of Dawson Cutoff.

Toward the end of 2016, Petal Board of Aldermen and Mayor Hal Marx began compiling a list of streets throughout each ward that were in serious need of repaving.

“We are still waiting to pave Dawson Cutoff,” Marx said.

Marx said the city ended the past fiscal year with $3.25 million in reserve funds and spent approximately $800,000 of that on a large street paving project throughout the city.

He added that this last part of the project will be completed when the debris contractor finishes the job this week.

“We were waiting until the heavy trucks were no longer using that road,” he said. “We also have some striping on some of the streets left to do.”

So far, more than 130,000 cubic yards of debris have been removed in Petal.

The last pass will be completed this week, so Petal residents were asked to get as much remaining debris to the road before Monday.

The contractor began the final pass through the affected neighborhoods then.

"We have requested that Forrest County provide us assistance in completing the cleanup process, which will consist of clearing some of the ditches in affected areas and dressing up the rights of way along streets hit by the tornado," said Marx. "City of Petal crews will also be doing this work. We appreciate the county's assistance in order to speed up the process."

Once the contractor completes that pass, they will be released from their contract. Then, Marx said the county will aid Petal in completing the debris removal process during the next several weeks.