Auditions set for Phantom

The Southern Miss School of Music announces open auditions to Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera to all university students. Auditions will be held beginning at 1 p.m. Sunday, April 23. All applicants must register online at Complete audition details are available there.

 Call-backs will be on April 25 and 26 for selected roles. Licensing restrictions allow only Southern Miss students to be a part of the show, meaning anyone selected to the cast must be registered for the opera and musical theatre class.

 Because the show is primarily sung, auditions will be by voice part, not for roles – soprano, alto (mezzo), tenor, baritone/bass. Also, specific cuts from the show will be provided for download.

 The production also seeks dancers with ballet experience – male and female. Interested performers should also fill out the online application for more instructions about a separate call for dancers.

 Directed by Dr. Mike Lopinto with music direction by Dr. Jay Dean and Dr. Michael Miles, the production will feature the Symphony Orchestra. Tickets, available in April, will be initially part of the 2017-18 Symphony season, with individual tickets on sale shortly after.

 Performance dates and the rest of the creative team will be announced soon for the elaborate production that takes the stage of the Mannoni Performing Arts Center Auditorium this fall.

 For more information, visit