Cold weather causes electricity shortages


A regional “critical shortage of electricity” left many people throughout the Pine Belt without power on an icy Wednesday as a result of the recent extreme low temperatures.

According to Pearl River Valley Power Association spokesman Kurt Brautigam, about 1,400 customers were without power Wednesday morning from what he said was probably one of the highest power usage periods in recent history. By noon, approximately 100 customers were still without power.

Several power companies in the Pine Belt sent out a message to their customers early Wednesday asking them to limit their use of electricity until further notice in order to help resolve the issue.

The respective statements asked that people turn off all non-essential lighting, appliances and electronics; and that people lower their thermostats to 68 degrees and limit use of water heaters, electric ovens, washing machines and dryers.

In the statements, power companies warned if the issue were not resolved, they would have to enact the “electric cooperative’s emergency load reduction plans.”

The company explained this “may result in a loss of electricity for members on a rotating basis.”

Fortunately, multiple power companies released a secondary statement early Wednesday afternoon that the critical shortage was stabilized respectively.

Dixie Electric Power Associate sent out the following message:

“The critical energy shortage of electricity has stabilized. We would like to thank our members for helping us by reducing their energy use on this very cold morning. You may resume electric use, remembering that it is always beneficial to conserve.”