Ed’s milkshake named state’s craziest


Ed’s Burger Joint received quite an honor recently as Cosmopolitan Magazine chose the Hattiesburg eatery for its Princess Leia milkshake.

The magazine, with a circulation of about three million, singled out the craziest milkshake in each of the 50 states with Ed’s taking top billing in Mississippi. As their article stated, “This is proof that you need a milkshake bucket list.”

The Princess Leia is made up of Cinnabon cereal, caramel sauce, vanilla malt and Pecan Pinwheels, which resemble the “hair buns” she wore on the side of her head.”

According to Robert St. John, owner of Ed’s, he created that shake around the time of Carrie Fisher’s untimely death (Dec. 27, 2016).

“I was in the middle of developing all of those Outrageous Shakes, and I saw something somewhere that had one of those pecan pinwheel cinnamon rolls on it, and it reminded me of that Leia hairdo, and I took it from there,” St. John said. 

The shake is one of six Outrageous Shakes on the menu, with 18 shakes in all.

“18 in all. Twelve are classic shakes, but they’re not boring at all. Those classic shakes use Cap’n Crunch and other out-of-the-ordinary ingredients.”

St. John said Ed’s features the Mardi Gras Shake during carnival season, Peppermint Bark Shake at Christmas, a Birthday Cake Shake on its  anniversary, and a Pumpkin Pie Shake in the fall.

The Candy Store Shake is Ed’s biggest seller out of the Outrageous Shake lineup, but St. John prefers the Chocolate Motherlode, “because I love a chocolate malt.

“We don’t need a holiday or an event to come up with a crazy shake though,” he said. “It’s a nice outlet for everyone’s creativity, the same as with the pops.”

Ed’s Frozen Pops come in a variety of unusual flavors – avocados with lime and toasted coconut, pickle, and they always have strawberry, orange dreamsicle, key lime pie, chocolate and blueberry.

“We just started selling those at various events around town such as high school football games and at The Lucky Rabbit,” St. John said..

St. John said while they have made several local and regional lists on social media, this recognition was the first national recognition.

“It was a surprise to us, and we were so honored,” he said.

“A lot of restaurants hire publicists to put out information about what they are doing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but when you get an out-of-the-blue call from a national magazine, you probably know where that came from. It meant a lot to us that they searched us out and found Ed’s on their own.”

Other shakes highlighted include a salted caramel milkshake from E&J Elegant Pastries in Alabaster, Ala.; the Purple Cows in Arkansas, which has been voted best for past for the past 19 years by Arkansas Times readers; the Velvet Elvis Shake in Castle Rock, Colo., which is vanilla ice bream, pecan praline syrup, peanut butter, banana and of course, bacon.

There’s a Volcano Shake in Hawaii, Louisiana, Strawberry Shortcake Creatio, and New Jersey, which may have the most bizarre with its Coney Waffle,  – your choice of ice crean blended into a milkshake and topped with an ice cream cone, ice cream sandwiches, a chocolate-covered pretzel, a Ring Pop, tons of cotton candy and strips of sour candy.

But in keeping with Ed’s top pick, “May the force be with you.”