Teacher of the Year awarded yearlong use of new car


Lamar County Teacher of the Year Julie Viguerie anticipated a problem with her 16-year-old daughter, who is expected to begin driving to Oak Grove High School in November. Mrs. Viguerie needed transportation.

To her surprise and delight, she got a helping hand from Vardaman Honda, which provided her with the use of a Honda Civic for the next year. Viguerie is teaching Teacher Academy at the Lamar County Center for Technical Education.

“The plan was that I was going to get a new car and she was going to drive my car,” she said. “So now she will get my car and I get to use this car.”

Vardaman Honda sales consultant Samuel Blake said the dealership is glad to support the Lamar County School District.

“The teachers do a fantastic job,” he said. “They really do mold the minds of our future generations. We are really happy to support them in any way we can. This is just a small piece of appreciation we can show them for all the hard work they do.”

Vardaman Honda has been providing the cars to the Lamar County Teacher of the Year for the past three years.