Local charity pantry stores at critical levels

The Petal Children’s Task Force is in desperate need of food for its food pantry shelves.
“We’ve had to give out bags of food instead of boxes because our shelves are so low,” said PCTF director Demaris Lee.
“We can use box dinners, jelly, canned meats, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti noodles and other non-perishable goods.”
A recent cereal food drive within the school district brought in a large quantity of breakfast foods. Lee is currently working with the district to organize some more food drive competitions between classes or grades.
Last week, Lee said they had the funds to pick up a pallet of spaghetti sauce, but have no spaghetti noodles to go with it.
Lee said the shortage results from the fact that they’ve picked up 21 new families and 12 homeless people.
“We served more than 900 in January,” she said. “That’s about 400 families.”
She noted that food price increases and exceptionally high power bills, have kept people from being able to purchase a lot of food, thus the need for assistance.
In the bags they put together for the homeless, foodstuffs have to be ready to eat because no microwaves or other type of cooking device is available.
The PCTF hopes to have a food drive prior to the Easter holiday.
Food can be dropped off at the PCTF office at 314 S.h George St.. If your church or organization would like to set up a food drive, contact Lee at the office.