Local child opens Koolaid stand, donates profit



Cooling off in the summer with a cold drink is a must. Neil Langford, a kindergartener at Petal Primary School, capitalized on that last week with a Koolaid stand he set up in the parking lot of his parents’ business in Petal.

However, Langford did not work the stand for his own profit, but he instead did it as a way to raise money for those affected by the recent hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida.

Langford, seeing his father, Matt, own a successful business, decided to try his hand at it by setting up his Koolaid stand outside of Little Caesar’s just for fun.

His hard work paid off, and he earned $373 for his cause.

His parents decided to match what he raised. Then, another donor agreed to match his profit as well, so he raised $1,119 total.

“When decided that we were going to set up the stand at Little Caesar’s, our place of business, I didn't feel comfortable keeping people's money,” Langford said. “So I asked him how he felt about using the money for a good cause.”

After thinking about it, Langford decided he wanted to give all of his profits to those affected by the hurricanes.

While lemonade stands are a common roadside sight, Langford decided to go in a different direction.

“I think he saw someone set up a lemonade stand on TV and he just latched on to the idea,” Matt said. “He doesn't really drink lemonade, so he decided that he wanted to set up a milk stand, which is his favorite drink.”

Matt talked him out of that idea though.

“I tried to talk him out of milk because it is hot in south Mississippi, and I just didn't see that being a great idea,” he said.

 “That is how he decided on Koolaid.”

Matt said they will split the money between Samaritan’s Purse and Eight Days a Hope.

“Both are church-based disaster relief agencies,” he said. “We saw firsthand their response after the tornado in January, and we felt like they would be good stewards of the money.”

Much of the response came from those who had heard about Langford’s stand on Facebook and generous donations from those who stopped by for a cold cup.