Petal Church to undergo overdue renovations



Petal Harvey Baptist Church is set to undergo some major, much welcomed construction and renovation.

The church is gearing up to renovate almost all of its existing primary facilities including the sanctuary and children’s space, and will construct additional necessary facilities for youth and seniors.

“It’s big, but it has something for every age,” said Pastor Dustie Dunn.

Dunn said that it is ultimately the church’s recent growth that prompted the new building project.  As a result, the new construction and renovations are necessary to accommodate the fortunate growth and alleviate the resultant space issues.

“The Lord has blessed us and we are growing, and we are running out of the space we need on both Sundays and Wednesdays,” Dunn said. “We’ve been faithful to our buildings for a long time, but its just time to update the ones we have.”

Dunn explained that while the church does not intend to place a significant emphasis on buildings, they do serve an important role when it comes to blessing others.

“We see our buildings as one of our major tools to be able to help people in life,” Dunn said.  “When we provide safe locations for children, good facilities for teenagers and good facilities for senior adults, our hope is that we are able to reach every area of somebody’s life, specifically families.”

The entirety of the building process is expected to take about two years to complete, said Dunn.

Fortunately, the City of Petal recently passed an ordinance that will help alleviate a portion of the financial burden of the construction.

At the Board of Aldermen meeting in January, Mayor Hal Marx explained that the ordinance would essentially waive the permitting fees for religious organizations inside the city, allowing them to undergo building projects at cost.

“The city council really took care of an important segment of our faith community,” Dunn said. “[The ordinance] frees up that extra hurdle to be able to build, and we so appreciate that. The mayor and the Board of Aldermen were incredibly helpful and we appreciate all of their hard work.”