Tweedy's relationship all about love


“It was love at first sight!”

Madelyn Tweedy met her husband-to-be Boyd Tweedy for the first time in the spring of 1961 at the Baptist Student Union at Southeastern University in Hammond, Louisiana.

Mr. Boyd sang in a quartet that he organized through the university’s BSU at the time, and would sing at the chapel on occasion. One fortuitous night, Mrs. Madelyn happened to be in attendance.

Mr. Boyd explained that following the performance, Mrs. Madelyn approached him to tell him that he sang her father’s favorite song that night, and he admitted he was taken aback and “really liked her right off the bat.”

“I kept my eyes on him in that quartet,” Mrs. Madelyn said. “Of course, I had never met him so that’s why I initiated the conversation about the song.”

Mrs. Madelyn explained that while the two weren’t dating, she always made a point to be in the same vicinity as Mr. Boyd, partly because “there were several other girls that had their eyes on him too.”

“We went on a singing tour with the Baptist Student Union choir soon after that, and that trip is when she really moved in on me,” Mr. Boyd said as Mrs. Madelyn laughed in agreement.

It wasn’t long before the two inevitably struck up a romantic relationship.

“When the summer came, she lived one direction in Louisiana and I lived the other. So, we wrote letters all summer back and forth,” Mr. Boyd explained. “When we came back to college that fall we continued our courtship.”

Mr. Boyd said that by the Christmas season, he knew for certain that she was the one. In May of 1962, the two made the decision to get married.

Given that they were both in college at the time, Mr. Boyd explained that the decision was initially met with some opposition from their families.

“Because my mother was not 100 percent behind it, we went to Memphis and were married at the largest church in the Southern Baptist Convention,” Mr. Boyd said.

Thankfully, their families came around eventually.

“At the beginning it was a little bit of a struggle not having family support and we were on our own financially, but we were determined,” Mr. Boyd said. “We felt like God’s approval was on it because everything sort of fell into place.”

After graduating from college, Mr. Boyd attended the Baptist Seminary in New Orleans and Mrs. Madelyn taught at a school.

“We were doing then basically what we are still doing today,” Mr. Boyd said.

Looking back on the last 53 years of marriage, the two have constructed their foundation around their love for one another and around Christ.

“It really boils down to love,” Mr. Boyd said. “We have a trust for one another. We work together. We’ve worked together for everything that has ever come up in our past.”

“Of course, Christ has always been the center of our home,” he said.

Additionally, the two believe that it was God that brought them together in the beginning. Therefore, the two honor that by honoring their commitment to each other.

“I took it very seriously that I was making a commitment that I would love her as long as we both shall live, and I have lived with that commitment in my mind and in my heart my entire life,” Mr. Boyd said. “I never had a desire, or even a thought of ‘this is over’ because that commitment is real.”

Now, at the ages of 75 and 76 respectively, the two still maintain that foundational love for one another that they shared at the very beginning.

“When you think of a strong wind blowing, he doesn’t move one way or the other,” said Mrs. Madelyn as she discussed what she loved most about Mr. Boyd. “He’s steadfast.”

“She is a very giving person,” Mr. Boyd said. “I always compare her to the children’s book ‘The Giving Tree’ because she will give and give and give, not only to me but to her family if she even senses that there is a need.”

“I love that,” he added. “She puts everyone else above her own needs.”