Lady 'Saders volleyball prepares for tough region this season


Kerry Geroux has been the head coach of the Sacred Heart volleyball team for six years now, and he’s collected three district championships – including last season – and six playoff appearances.

This season, however, is going to be a lot tougher than years past. The Lady Crusaders are now in the toughest region in Class I, and it might be one of the toughest, as far as competition, in the state. Now they’ll have to play Our Lady Academy, Resurrection, St. Patrick and Lumberton twice a season in meaningful games with only two teams making the playoffs.

OLA and Resurrection came out of the same region last season only to play each other for the Class I State Championship.

“We know we’re in a tough district, so we’re just going to play as hard as we can,” Geroux said. “We’re just going to do our best to try and grab one of those two spots. We know it’s going to be tough, because those teams are going to be good, but we’re going to put a team out on the floor and play as hard as we can every time.”

Sacred Heart will play six games before region play starts, then end the season with six more non-region games.

Geroux says 19 players make up his junior varsity and varsity rosters, with nine on varsity and 10 on JV. Anna Runnels and Marianna Moreno are Sacred Heart’s two seniors who’ll provide the leadership, as Runnels will be a key outside hitter and Moreno will play setter.

Aubrey Gaudet is on the right side as an outside hitter, Korina Bodisch, Carlee Mills, Emily Saffle and Haley Billingsley will form some kind of combination of a back row and Kitty Grace Berry will be the libero.

An area Geroux and the Lady ’Saders have been working on leading up to the season was receiving the serve and passing to set up the offense. He believes his team has made significant strides in that area of the game, too.

“You know, we have to set up the offense, so that’s where I think the main focus is there,” he said. “Try to work on, as good as we can, our passing skills and receiving serve.”

While passing has been a focal point in practice, Sacred Heart should be a stronger hitting and blocking team, too. Serving has been another area Geroux has focused on as well.

“I think my serving is going to be pretty solid this year,” Geroux said. “We’ve been working on our serving and we’ll have a good serving team. I’m not looking for a girl who can rip it across the net. I want someone who can hit that box every time. Just don’t give points away. That’s my pet peeve. Don’t give points away on serve. It’s too simple.”